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Services we offer

Audio Production

Need to have an ad on the radio or on your establishment’s in-house music? Event-Full Cebu can also produce audio commercials! We’ve made radio ads for Du Ek Sam, Pino Inasal, William Ninoy’s Payag, Guardo Soft Design Studio, Penta Graphics and Balloons, Shabu-Way, Aquamundo, Shakey’s and CCR Car Display.


30 seconds – P2,000
45 seconds – P2,500
60 seconds – P3,000
30 and 45 seconds – P3,500
30 and 60 seconds – P4,000
45 and 60 seconds – P4,500
30, 45 and 60 seconds – P5,000

Video Editing

EFC can turn your raw videos to beautifully spliced and edited videos. Great for short video presentations, product advertisement slideshows with narration and teasers and plugs for upcoming events.

Rates can be determined upon knowing the specific requirements of the finished video. It may vary according to the length of the video and the amount of effort needed to complete the editing.

+63 933 012 6828 jp@eventfullcebu.com